Governments are continuously crafting new climate change regulation.

Staying compliant with these evolving standards not only benefits the climate but also protects your business from penalties and reputational risks.

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Our methodology is compliant with GHG Protocol and IPCC guidelines and industry-leading standards like ISO14067. Moreover, we work closely with leading research institutes to verify our approach. These globally recognized frameworks enable us to accurately calculate your product carbon footprint and provide you with actionable insights to minimize environmental impact effectively. You can read about how our precision goes even beyond these standards on our Methodology page

The EU Green Claims Directive is a milestone in the fight against greenwashing practices. It effectively bans the use of terms like ‘green’, ‘climate-neutral’, and ‘25% less CO2’ if the claim is not backed up with appropriate, coherent, and transparent calculations.

We at CarbonTag welcome this regulatory effort to effectively address the issue of unwarranted green claims on products. All of our product features fully comply with the requirements laid out in the directive. As one of the first providers, we assure that any green claims made on the basis of our calculations are warranted. By adhering to our strict standards of precision and transparency (read about them on our Methodology Page), our clients do not need to worry about compliance issues.

CarbonTag ensures data quality by tracking each data point to an academic source and assigning a reliability score for transparency. Our data is continuously updated to reflect the latest developments, ensuring accuracy and relevance.

While meeting current standards is vital, we also recognize the importance of preparing for future requirements. Our team of experts continuously monitors legislative developments and emerging industry guidelines to ensure our solutions are ahead of the curve.

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Our dedicated research team actively tracks climate-related policies, both on a local and global scale. We collaborate with environmental agencies, think tanks, and industry associations to identify potential regulatory shifts.

By leveraging cutting-edge technology, our platform is designed to adapt swiftly to changes in carbon accounting methodologies and compliance criteria.

When you choose CarbonTag, you can rest assured that compliance is at the core of our operations. We are committed to providing accurate and up-to-date information, ensuring your organization is well-prepared for any forthcoming environmental regulations.

We maintain open lines of communication with our clients, keeping them informed about impending regulatory changes that may impact their businesses.

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